date 17 APR - 21 APR
duration 5 days
price €340
total places 12

St.Petersburg – Moscow Tour

Visa-free trips to St. Petersburg – Moscow!

Here is a travel idea: MOSCOW and ST.PETERSBURG in one VISA-FREE trip.During four intense days you will see major attractions of two splendid capitals of Russia: the Hermitage museum, the Moscow Kremlin, Lenin’s Masouleum, KGB headquarters and many more.

Plus extra activities: shooting from Kalashnikov gun, Russian ballet, limousine ride, Stalin’s underground secret bunker.The price of the trip is 340 euro. It includes: overnight ferry from Helsinki and back, night trains to Moscow and back, full-day guided tours in Moscow and St.Petersburg, accommodation in a centrally located hostel with breakfast (1 night), transfers, city maps and souvenirs. The trip starts in Helsinki and is guided on English.


Experience Great Friendly Hostels
... The World’s 2nd deepest metro

The system exhibits many typical Soviet designs and features exquisite decorations and artwork making it one of the most attractive and elegant metros in the world. Due to the city’s unique geology, the metro is one of the deepest metro systems in the world. The system’s deepest station, Admiralteyskaya, is 86 metres below ground. Serving 2.15 million passengers daily, it is also the 16th busiest metro system in the world

... Night Limousine ride

Discover lightened St.Petersburg with style and glamour! A limousine makes stops near the most impressive city sights and view-points, so prepare your cameras. The car has an awesome stereo-system and is loaded with champagne. In the end of the ride, the limo drops you at one the trendiest night club in order you can continue your awesome party.

... Stalin’s Secret Bunker-42 tour

The “Bunker 42 on Taganka” was constructed in 1956 as command post of Strategic nuclear forces of Soviet Union. Now it is a unique Military Historical Museum at a depth of 65 meters under the ground. Please inform the organizers that you want to book this activity at least 5 days in advance.

... AK-47 (Kalashnikov) Shooting

Over the past few decades the weapon has undoubtedly become one of the most recognizable symbols of the country along with ballet or vodka. When you take it in your hands, you’re not just holding a gun, you’re holding a piece of history, a piece of Russia itself. 20 shots and a personal instructor are included. Please inform the organizers that you want to book this activity at least 5 days in advance. The minimum quantity of participants: 2

... Boat Tour

1-hour cruise along the main city river Moskva. See the historical center from a different angle! Tickets can be bought on-site.

... City Tours

Learn interesting and non-trivial facts about Russian history and lifestyle during a full 3 days city tour lead by a qualified young guide. A detailed list of the sight seeing places is mentioned below.

... Russian Ballet

St.Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia. You can attend world’s famous ballet or opera performance. Your tour guide will bring you to the theatre ticket office as soon as you come to St.Petersburg Prices are mentioned below.

... Other Activities
  • A boat trip along canals
  • Authentic Russian Cuisine
  • Museum Tours
  • Lubyanka area with the former KGB headquarter (outside)
  • Soviet skyscraper (outside)
  • Kremlin (outside)

tour program

Experience 2 Days In St.Petersburg
day 1 Helsinki – St.Petersburg/Moscow
  • Meet at the harbor at 17:00
    Address: Tyynenmerenkatu 8, Helsinki
  • Boat departs at 19:00.
day 2 St.Petersburg
  • Arrival in St.Petersburg at 9.00, meeting with a guide at the harbor. Bus transfer to the city center.
  • Russian cuisine lunch at 11:00
  • City Tour at 12:00
  • Free time/ time for extra activities after 19:00
  • Departure to Moscow by a night train (sleeping place with bed linen is provided) at 22:30
day 3 St.Petersburg – Moscow
  • Arrival in Moscow, meeting with the guide on the platform at 7:00
  • Breakfast in a café 7:30
  • City tour at 8:30 – 14:00
  • Lunch on Red Square at 14:00
  • Free time or time for extra activities after 15:00
  • Departure to St.Petersburg by a night train (sleeping place with bed linen is provided) at 22:30
day 4 Moscwo – St.Petersburg
  • Arrival in St.Petersburg, meeting a guide on the platform at 7:00
  • Breakfast in a cafe at 7:30
  • City tour at 8:30 – 15:00
  • Lunch break at 15:00
  • Transfer to the harbor at 16:00. Departure to Helsinki at 18:00, arrival at 7:00 next day
St.Petersburg City Tour
Walking City Tour Part 1
  • The St. Isaacs Cathedral (going up to the dome for the city view)
  • A walk along Neva river quay with draw bridges and a few significant monuments
  • Palace Square and 2 hours inside the Hermitage museum
  • The Church of the Savior on Blood (visit inside)
Walking City Tour Part 2
  • Underground tour (visit of the oldest city’s station and the second World’s deepest station)
  • The Tsar’s Village and the Catherine Palace with the famous Amber room (visit inside) OR Petergof fountain park.
  • The Soviet district with a huge monument of Lenin
  • The Kazan Cathedral (visit inside)
Moscow City Tour
Walking City Tour Part 1
  • Metro tour
  • The Bolshoi Theater (outside)
  • Lubyanka area with the former KGB headquarter (outside)
  • The rooftop viewpoint
  • The oldest city’s streets: Varvarka, Nikolskaya and Tverskaya
Walking City Tour Part 2
  • Kremlin (outside)
  • Lenin’s Mausoleum (outside)
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral (outside)
  • Chambers of The Romanov Boyars (outside)
  • Soviet skyscraper (outside)
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior (visit inside)
Good To Know
  • EU citizens need just a valid passport (ID is not enough) to participate in this visa-free trip.
  • Non-EU citizens need to have a valid passport and a multiple-entry Schengen visa OR European resident permit.
Optional Extra activities
  • A boat trip along canals and rivers: € 6 euro
  • Night Limousine ride with music, champagne and stops near the main city sights: € 15
  • Russian ballet: from € 5 to 70 (depends on the theater)
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date 17 APR - 21 APR
duration 5 days
price €340
total places 12
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